Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tapas and Paella - Fitou @ Desa Parkcity

Going for the Spanish Tapas and Paella was the wisest decision we made. For starters or "for tapas", we started our meal with a variety of their starters. By gosh - it was so good, rich and well-flavoured and subtle when needed esp. with the escargot. Try not to ordered what they recommend as it is usually expensive. After 2 trips we kind of knew better. Casting caution to the wind we had the following - Sausage with Bacon Wrap, Calamari Tossed in Olive Oil and Wild Mushrooms. 

Fitou is big on indoor dining and also has an al fresco area facing the stream, lake (to the left) and also a wide expanse of landscape grounds. The only blight is the car park further afield. It is a necessary evil as the car park in front is always full in the evenings as more and more houses are coming on stream.

Indoor Dining - Warm and cosy from a lots of wood. There is a collection of wines for those who want to 'complete' the meal. The bar is on the left for those who feel and want to get 'alcoholated'.
Subtle Escargot in Garlic and Olive Oil - 6 pieces (One in each depression cooked in a porcelain contraption).
I like Calamari grilled. But this one is better. If 'grilled' is the 'Yang' this is the 'Ying'. Subtle again the soft and tender forms accentuated by the simple uncomplicated taste.
For those who like strong tasting and smelling stuff. This is the one. Don't miss it. Caramelised with lots of marinade. The fat from the bacon lent a helping hand in lubricating and imparting the smoky feel. Great tapas!
Fancy the slight bitter giveaway from the wild Mushrooms! Lots of garlic and sauces. Suspect local sauces were used. Who cares, taste really good.
Seafood Paella. The base was a bed of 'Bomba' short grain and stubby rice. It is famed for its absorption power. The sauces had no chance. It transformed us back to our kid days where sauces and gravies were a must for the rice. Not all the came out good though, the chicken drumlets were hopeless and marred the dish.
Meatballs and spaghetti for the hungry and carnivorous. 
And those who wanted a vegetarian start.


foodbin said...

i like tapas-thanks for sharing.

minchow said...

Ooh completely forgot about this place! Here yonks ago for drinks only and remembered the menu had looked promising. Must return!

CUMI & CIKI said...

wowww.. flash from the past... LONG time since i've been here.. food still OK hor? that's good;)

thenomadGourmand said...

I rmbr someone tellin me its non-halal.. or it is?

worldwindows said...

TNG.... They serve pork.