Monday, October 4, 2010

BellyGOOD Three Heavenly Kings - Mentari Sunway

Pork Knuckle - tender, pull away easily, crisp skin. All that I could ask for is embodied in this chunky piece.
Good western-style restaurants serving pork is a rarity nowadays. Surveying the blogs dedicated to food, there is only a handful that is worth a visit. I wanted something big, solid, unplugged where I can have a go at it with gusto. Bellygood was blog pretty extensively last year. Last year, my better half did 'tapau' some food from there for our consumption. TBut this time its for real. We went for the jugular i.e. going for those that are sinful, lard-laden, chunky, carbonised and caramelised.
Another look at the Knuckle.
Pork belly, three layered pork. Nicely caramelised with the interaction of fat and syrup it was both flavourful and aromatic. The meat was firm but tender.
The pork roast. Minced meat wraped in pork belly. Layer after layer after layer.
A nice way to end the meal with these Portobello Mushrooms. Lots of cheese, ham and a big piece healthy vegetable!


J2Kfm said...

Yeah, one of the better places for pork. The stuffed portobello has this very annoying scent when we had them though.
Not earthy but more like ... spoiled.

choi yen said...

hmm...why so burnt the pork roast?

ck lam said...

The pork knuckle sure looks good. Will find a time to visit this place when down in KL.