Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kunming, Yunnan - Food of the Common Folks

A leisurely afternoon. The weather was balmy and all things were nice.

The highlight of any trip to Kunming, China will be the weather. This is the place of eternal spring i.e. whole year round. Temperature is mostly in the fresh low twenties no matter what as it is situated 6,000 feet above sea level. The challenge will be perhaps the food esp. for me as I don't take spicy food on the road as it upsets my stomach. The other is finding villages to roam. The pastoral life is being driven further and further away. My first trip here in 1995 was not so. Villages were plentiful and close by the city. Today huge multi-lanes highways are pushing development further and further into where once were the simple and agrarian life-style.

The village community hall made from mud and sun-dried mud bricks.
Old and also some new buildings in the background with farms in the foreground.
Mustard vegetable
Drying corn - it is used to feed livestock!
Food for the simple is usually lots of vegetables as it is found in abundance. Here we had Chinese celery, onions stir-fried with some sliced pieces of pork. And this was the only dish with meat.
Carrots and celery stir-fried with some dried chilis.

A type of melon (hairy melon) julienned and stir-fried!
Pumpkin soup. Their soups are rather bland as I experienced this again and again.
This was the 'killer' dish at least to me. Pickled and spiced to the hilt. It is good for eating with white rice! Look more like chives to me.


SimpleGirl said...

very healthy food....ppl there must b in good health condition ya!!

CUMI & CIKI said...

wow, lovely photos and looks like a memorable trip! glad the weather was good too! i need a holiday...