Sunday, September 12, 2010

IKEA - Any good food?

There are a few things I like about the Cafe at Ikea and I do discover some new stuff sometimes along the way. Looking at the hungry horde present at all times except for the lull in the morning, IKEA is definitely making money from this F & B outlet. In fact, in-house F & B is getting more popular as we can see these outlets in Borders, MPH, hospitals etc. It calms the hungry nerves of shoppers who may go into food-deprivation mode and make a quick getaway and not returning. Consumers can be fickle and impulsive. The key and the only key is to keep them in the store and their money will continue to roll into the cash register. Here are the F & B I like at about IKEA.

Coffee - RM2.10. Its freshly brewed and free-flowing. A coffee cup purchased at the counter will give one the privilege of endless cups of this wonderfully aromatic brew. I don't drink coffee nowadays but can only reminisce the past where I used to go in the morning to have B/F and catch up on work on the quiet.
5 Chicken Wings - RM9.45. It used to be larger but still these wings are much better than our local fast food franchise. It is meatier and marinated the way I like esp. without the batter.
15 Meat Balls - RM14.70. My son's favourite. The meat savoury and sweet fruit sauce. Yum and filling esp after walking the rounds.
West Coast Salad - RM13.55. My favourite breakfast. Light, fresh and with some shrimps and bite to start the engine.
Princess cake RM5.15. This was an excellent end to the meal. Wonderful ice-cream confined within and waiting to show itself to the world.
Chicken Curry Puff - RM1.00 for 2pcs. These piping hot pastries are a favourite to many. You can see genuine ingredients with your eyes not just a mashed up lump. But got to go down to the check-out area where the cafe is situated.


Baby Sumo said...

I like the meatballs here too, there is just something very addictive about the sauce.

Try the Daim cake next time too, it's pretty good!

babe_kl said...

We liked the food here too but sad to note the portion really shrunk esp the curry puffs!!!