Saturday, September 18, 2010

Different Faces of Genting - World Club, First World Hotel

 1. Genting Highlands at midnight shot from the World Club Room in First World Hotel.

A series of 4 opportune shots depicts Genting Highlands in my opinion at its different best. I have 'trekked'  up there numerous times for various reasons and find it mesmerising and enthralling. Probably I am still a Peter Pan at heart. In my first trip in 1982, I literally ran into the washroom at regular intervals because of the cold and used the hand-dryer to warm myself up. Twenty-eight years on Genting has prospered.

Most of Genting's buildings, renovations (Choung Sau - literal translation into Cantonese means "the banker wins") and constantly improving itself are more for maintenance and business growth. Not anymore! Down south in Singapore there is a clear and present danger of its 2 latest casino siphoning off the region's gaming players and tourist. Resort, Genting and Highlands Hotel is under stage by stage renovation towards the end of the year.

2. At 7:30am with the sun rising and its warm orange rays smacked on the face of the buildings!
3. At 8:30am, the sky reached its bluest best with the reaching an optimum angle. This shot is almost post-card perfect if shot with a good DSLR.
4. At noon and in just 12 hours it makes a 180 degree retreat and it is at its misty best, looking at the 'bright' side. This is what Genting is known for 'Wan Tant' or 'at the the top of the clouds.'
I enjoyed my stay despite being accosted by different men offering various 'services'. This is the price to pay for walking alone.
Spacious room. Will not feel crowd in!
They have given me good pillows of the variety a good hotel should have. In fact the best would be a choice of soft, medium to hard pillows.
A quick check before leaving the room.
A practical lounge to entertain and have a drink away from the crowd.
Well equipped and clean.
The tub is an excellent place to relax. Raise the curtain and get a good view of a mixed of buildings and natural scenery.


choi yen said...

nice room, how much is it?

worldwindows said...

I think its RM290 off peak. All the best to you.

donkie said...

hello? is your room in tower 1 or 2?

worldwindows said...

Donkie... recollecting my thoughts, it should be Tower 2.

Lyn said...

Hi..Your room is at what level?themepark view?

lyn said...

Do you remember the room no?

worldwindows said...

Hi Lyn, I remember the hotel was First World, staying on a high floor obviously. The room was from a more expensive cagtegory of rooms. All the best.