Thursday, October 22, 2009

Soon Kheng Restauarant (Tai Chow ) - Sunway

Bring in the Yam. I can eat it all as long as it is soft and powdery in texture. Good comfort food!

In the days old before Sunway Pyramid and the surrounding developments, there were Subang Indah (Pyramid side). Built for light industries it has thrived to this day. This 'tai chow' is good for the working lunch crowd. I am not sure about dinner but it certainly not attractive for the families in the neighbourhood nor the hip people that drops into Pyramid.

If you want a quick bite and a venue that has easy parking this it is. Parking over the Pyramid side will take time. The price of RM125 or about RM20/pax is a bit pricey though. Well its the Pyramid.

Sotong Hotplate. Sweet, sour and spicy. Meat was tender, a winner.
Curry Fish Head. Below average.
Our traditional bull's eye! No intro needed.
An involuntary reflex order all the time. A bowl of complmentary Pak Choy soup.
9, Jln PJS 11/2
Subang Indah

0123193983, 0356323798


fatboybakes said...

nyuck nyuck nyuck, love your map, so cute.

ling239 said...

wat is the red dot in the map?
*scratching head...

worldwindows said...

FBB... Simple and hopefully usable.

ling239... Red dot - Petrol Station and grey rectangle - Superpages building.