Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Martabak Keju (Cheese Pancake) - Padang, Indonesia

In Asia, anything sweet, rich, diary loaded and from the pan is good. I am talking about the Martabak Keju found in many places in Java Island but has spread all over Indonesia. Its simple - just a flour base platform for toppings to be added. The toppings can be a study on hedonistic food tendencies.

This is my favourite dessert after my meal in Indonesia! Mercifully its only once in a while indulgence. The Chinese calls it Ban Ching Kue / Ta Kau Meen. One can have it simple or loaded to the extreme with diabetic and cardiac arresting toppings. And of course, the price will vary according to the number of toppings ordered.

We decided to go extreme. This Martabak Keju's white flour base were loaded with margarine, sugar, condensed milk , small chunky peanuts, chocolate chips, cheese and durian paste.
The Pan
The toppings.Durian toppings!The flour.
Its cooking. Margarine spread and melted on top of pancake.
Condensed milk.
Chunky toasted peanuts.Cheese.
Chocolate chips.Durians.Ready to be boxed and taken away.


SimpleGirl said...

wow, it looks mouthwatering!!! how i wish to get a bite for my tea time snack!!!

babe_kl said...

gosh so much liew, i like!

J2Kfm said...

i doubt you can even find one with durian fillings here!
really artery clogging stuff, but a snack's a snack. once in a blue moon oklah ...

thenomadGourmand said...

my god! How can Msia dont have this??

3 hungry tummies said...

funny it looks like apom balik

worldwindows said...

SG... Sinfully good.

BKL... It can cost up to RM10+ lah.

J2Kfm... I just can't stop eating. Strategy is to share one with a friend.

TNG... Malaysia takboleh? Really sweetlah. Once a while ok.

3HT... Same DNA and stock!

Selba said...

Wow! Ah... too bad, there's no durian topping for sweet martabak in Jakarta!