Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Padang EarthQuake - 3Rs to Disaster Zone Work

Aceh Tsunami Disaster Zone - Paying a visit in April '06.

As news filtered out from Padang, Indonesia, this earthquake was more severe compared to that I have seen in Jogjakarta 3 years ago. Multi-storey buildings collapsed, huge landslides wiping out entire villages and very badly damaged infrastructure. I have spent the last few days mobilising resources to work in the post-disaster relief efforts together with my Indonesian partner. There are many ways to help: short- and long-term. Opportunities to help no matter what our capacity, are plentifully.

From my work the Relief effort can be loosely classified into 3 phases.

1) Rescue (within first 72 – 96 hours). This is a government-to-government initiative. Red tape may cost lives. Quick action is needed. NGO is not able to maintain these highly trained and disciplined search and rescue crews with special equipment and K-9 units. Indonesian government has announced yesterday that the rescue phase is over. Foreign search and rescue crews were packing up yesterday.

Cuban medical team with their hospital tents that performed orthopedic surgeries (many needs) based in the city of Jogjakarta. Dated June '06.
2) Relief and Recovery. Immediate needs after the disaster and till the next few months depending on situation. Big NGOs and foreign governments fly in relief supplies from dedicated warehouses in strategic locations as well as medical, nursing and other technical and engineering personnel.

- Medical relief for the injured. Different stations for various severity of physical injuries.
- Logistical issues need to be solved to mobilise, store and move supplies.
- Tents, clothing, blankets, food and water for the immediate physical needs for those who have lost their houses, belongings and livelihood.
- Generators to power various machines for critical work.
- Heavy equipment for removal of debris and preparation for reconstruction.
- Spraying of disinfectant and sanitation to prevent diseases. This is now being done in Padang after the rescue period is over.

Damaged houses in Jogjakarta - June '06.
Ground Zero in Aceh - April '06. A year plus later, cleared of debris and ready to build.
3) Rebuilding and Reconstruction – ongoing for up to 2 years or even more.

- Rebuilding of livelihood lost and capacity by replacing boats for fisherman, seeds for farmers, micro-business and credit etc.
- Rebuild lives physically, emotionally and spiritually.
- Reconstructing homes, community areas and infrastructure.

Homes built for the tsunami victims in Aceh. Smaller and functional - April '06.
Micro-business projects in Aceh - Bottling ozonated water.


Big Boys Oven said...

sad to see such happening of disaster :(

SimpleGirl said...

more and more natural disaster happened....pray for them!!

Selba said...

Seriously, I don't understand why there are so many natural disaster in Indonesia the past 10 years.... *sigh*

worldwindows said...

I do hope and pray there is an end to these miseries.