Monday, November 2, 2009

Padang, Indonesia Earthquake on the 30th Sept 2009 - A Pictorial Summary

An exhortation for Padang to rise up and my best wishes too for a quick recovery!
I wished that my 2 visits to Padang in as many weeks were made during better times. The earthquake at 7.6 on the Richter brought misery to many. Buildings in Padang with insufficient steel bar reinforcements came tumbling down. Older houses made from bricks without reinforced pillars and beams were also not spared in the countryside.

The team in Padang worked for 23 days treating a total of 1800 patients.

Most of the hotels were damaged and were closed for repairs. I had to run around for 4 hours to get the last room in a small hotel with rates doubled that before the quake. And while still at the counter 2 more customers in succession walked-in inquiring for rooms.

Transportation shot up. Fares from airport to the city cost up to USD50. Airtickets of local LCC from Jakarta to Padang (return) went up to USD200. Full-service airline economy tickets were at USD500 at its height!

All shots were mine except for those in Pariaman were from my friend's camera.
The city of Padang.

 60km away in Pariaman.The schools in Padang city conducted classes in tents while their schools is under repair.Rebuilding has started. Heavy machinery clearing the debris while workmen were seen conducting repairs.


FOODnTRAVELla said...

Pictures tell a thousand words! Hopefully more corporate bodies will come forward and help in fund raising.

worldwindows said...

Mercy had done well with the help of many corporate sponsors. They have a credible team there.

Selba said...

Looking from different lenses.... Hope it wont happened again so worst in the future.