Hard to find Padang Dishes in Malaysia - Padang, Indonesia

The Governor of West Sumatera official building is still standing strong.
Padang has a population of 1 million. It has a life of its own as it was difficult to access in times past. Its thin slice of lowland is wedged between the Indian Ocean and a mountain range that start from the north to the south of Sumatera.
Simpang Raya Restaurant is situated in the heart of the city. You get to see the towering spires of the buffalo horn roof structure everywhere. I just wonder the cost of putting up the roof in relation to the overall building cost. Mind you the roof edifice is massive.

The heart. Any takers!
The brains. Any takers!The intestines/stomach. Any takers!The epidermis of the cow. Actually the skin plus the layer of meat just below it. Its an experience and the skin is worth eating as it is softened to make it chewy.Padang noodles with crackers.My favourite gulai chicken which is more common in KL.The beef - can be found in KL. Look at the generous slather of green chili.The fish - looks more like shark meat to me.The grilled Nila fish (black tilapia) with sweet and spicy sauce. Enjoyed at another restaurant nearby. Really good!The grilled Nila without sauce. The meat was firm, succulent and taste excellent.


Anonymous said…
kind of difficult to digest - brain, heart,epidermis....i prefer the normal chicken curry haha
ling239 said…
heart... brain....o.O
u ate them ?
Selba said…
hahaha.... brain, heart, tendon, etc, are so common in Indonesian dishes :)
ciki said…
i say yes, me! on all three counts! delish;) LOL

oh ya, btw, pls could you kindly update our site link to http://cumidanciki.com/ (pls ignore if you have!)
wow, the more exotic bits of the cow looks abit hard to stomach in..
foodbin said…
nothing is left to waste.
the dishes sure look ultra strong and super tasty !
Kenny Mah said…
Uhm, I'd say no takers for any of the internal organs... But everything else, I'm game for! :D

I miss Indonesia so much.

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