Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tian Tian Seafood - Selera Food Court PJS 9/5, Sunway

Is there a commercial backwater in Sunway? That is in comparison to the vibrant and posh Pyramid and Sunway Resort and Spa? This hidden area is known to many locals and those working in Sunway. It is Jalan PJS 9/5. A flogger called this location "Sunway Belakang"!! This very old area have two good 'Tai Chows".
This Steam Kerapu is average though fresh as the stomach area is a bit 'fishy'. I understand they have an outstanding 'Steam Water Egg' top up with 'Kerapu Fish Fillet'.
This 'Pork Ribs Curry' was outstanding as I personally believed that 'Pork Curry' must be done Indian style for a maximum match between the spices and the meat. One drawback - the piece of rib I had was a bit tough. Time for owner to check on what's was being delivered by the suppliers!
Run of the mill 'Hot Plate Tofu with Minced Meat'. Eggs Omelette. A comfort dish for children and adults.Customary vegetables to round off the meal!Its Tian Tian Lai (Come Everyday in Mandarin) but it closes on Wednesday! I have dropped in twice on Wednesday, the 2nd inadvertently and maybe absent-mindedly. No fear as we had Plan B in the equally popular "Restoran Popular City" which is along the same road in the shophouses.Total Bill: RM104 for 6 adults and 2 kids. They have an air-con room (3 tables) but I think they charge RM1 per head for it as this room was specially converted from 2 existing stalls. Otherwise eat without air-con.Address: Selera Sunway Food Court,
Jalan PJS 9/5,
Bandar Sunway


Selba said...

The pork with curry... yum.. double delicious!

Big Boys Oven said...

Oh i think this one is within the housing area, not to anyone notice! interesting finding you have there! :)

Timothy Low said...

Sounds like a good place to check out. Thanks !

550ml jar of faith said...

Sunway Belakang?? First I heard of it! Is that pork curry in an aluminium bag of some kind?

thenomadGourmand said...

Is a food court? So got otr varieties of stalls?

worldwindows said...

Selba... Yes it is esp the smell of mustard seed!

BBO... Since LDP opened it becomes 'belakang' :-) kind off shielded.

TLow... I think a favourite with locals.

Faith... Pork curry wrapped in plastic and then aluminium sheet like ala beggar chicken style.

TNG... Yes, a food court and have other stalls (less than 10) selling hawker food.