Thursday, September 5, 2019

Fatty Mee Hoon Kuih House - Taman Berkeley

The promise of a good eat will be when I am with old friends. Good exchanges from one another's socialising and eating playbook. We got there just after 12 noon and quickly found a table and food was also promptly delivered. 

Most of the grumblings frm customers in social media and reviews were on the wait for a table, heat inside and then the time taken for the food to come. Easily 30 to 45 mins. While waiting, go for their cincau soya drink. Crowd favorite. Go for a second one if needed. Let them make some money as we are holding up their table!

This row of shops where FMHK is situated has some hallowed companions. Facing the shop, on the left far end of the road will be the redoubtable Hock Chew restaurant, Jit Ben. Then on Jit Ben row at the right-hand corner, we have one of the best handmade Tong Yuen (glutinous rice balls). Sells only in the evening.

Back to Mee Hoon Kuih, the Fatty MHK noodles made were velvety smooth to feel in the mouth and had a beautiful textural sensation when chewed. The right amount of components and the right timing of the cooking will get it there. Until and unless we have time and skill, we will have to eat out like this when the call of the stomach rises and can't be ignored.

The soup was excellent. Pigs bones and anchovies were used definitely. Adding to the appetite would be the clear soup that packed a big wallop. Surely the main attraction, it was sweet and never too harsh with too much salt or MSG to overrun your taste buds. I was not thirsty after the noodles and downing the soup in it's entirety from the bowl. 

Finally, you get the unique Klang treatment, liver was added. Some thought that with some blood it enhances the taste. A good outing for me and go for two bowls if you can stand the heat from the soup and eating without air-con.

Fatty Mee Hoon Kuih House
Leboh Bangau, Taman Berkeley, Klang, Selangor
017-336 6183

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