Wednesday, November 21, 2018

China Bar - Melbourne

It was a huge portion to say the least. The roast duck was meaty but not chewy. It was tasty enough for me to go after it with gusto. The skin was delectable too as I saw my wife, another officiando of roast duck not missing a step (or bite) as she walloped the fowl I to submission. I missed its after roasting juices on a condiment platter. It would have been if I ordered a platter rather than just toppings. Mine was a combination of two and came together with roast pork.

The fat from the pork was melting in my mouth. The rind was cracking as I ground it to bits. Finally, the dumplings were ordered without sighting the noodles and meat portions. Big mistake. We have to takeaway most of it. Make no mistake it was good and meaty though would not rise to the heights where I have to sing lyrical of its taste.

235 Russell St. Melbourne

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