Monday, April 26, 2010

Refreshing Salads from O'Briens (KLCC) and New York New York (1 Utama)

Greek Tossed Salad with Feta Cheese
It was a disappointing outing at the PC Fair. The target was the mass and consumer market and most vendors were resellers thus with limited range of products.

So after trudging around and with nothing to show we retired around a tiny table at the O'Brien's kiosk in the vast concourse area of the KLCC Suria. The Concourse was filled with various stands, stalls and carts. It was a sight to behold as usual esp. with the addition of a cacophony of various tongues from the many tourists that KLCC Suria attracts.

I was fascinated with Greek Tossed Salad esp. with the accompanying Feta Cheese. Mind you there were quite some big cubes of cheese! Yum!! The product is from goat's milk and is cured and salted in brine solution over several months giving it a salty and sourish taste. It has a rough and grainy texture. Great for salads!

Pasta Salad was run of the mill. Getting something unique the next time round! The greens were really not at their best at 9:30pm. Bruises and oxidation will occur. Get the salad early.
Pasta Salad
And refreshed with a cup of Earl Grey Tea.
Another day another location (New York New York 1 Utama). Ending up at the other end/new wing of 1 Utama. Another occasion in need of refreshing! This time the leaves were of good standing and so were the smoked salmon slices. With the tart and sharp vinegar this is reinvigorating.
Smoked Salmon Salad
Caesar's Salad was average almost veering into sub-standard. The dressing and Parmesan Cheese were there but look where are the greens?
Blueberry Swirl White


SimpleGirl said...

healthier choice of food!! good good!!!

Ciki said...

healthy is good!

Kenny Mah said...

I love Earl Grey tea... and it goes well with salads and healthy food! :)

Duckie said...

Blueberry Swirl White looks so cute!!

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Yeah...PC Fair was crap this year. But hey...I'm sure the blueberry swirl white made up for it, no? ;)