Monday, April 5, 2010

Ipoh Famous Pork Noodles - Zun Seng Fatt, Jalan Bandar Timah

Ipoh's food stand tall whether measured by its breadth or depth. The sad thing is that it is a very much an insular thing as tourists mostly give Ipoh the miss. This state of affairs has been perpetuated for years due to lack-lustre leadership and no doubt will continue due to the current political stalemate. Many Ipohans had migrated to Kuantan (another Cantonese stronghold) for a better life and business. Some "jumped off" the plane (illegally) to worked in the West and Far East.

Take for example the Sin Yoong Loong and Nam Heong location. The small area has a huge concentration of good food. Name it they got it. On the other end about a kilometre away Ipoh has another gathering of good food led by the famous Kong Heng. In this area they have the famous Pork Noodles, good TongSui, all kinds of Pastry (the Siew Pau is excellent) and Char Koay Teow Ipoh style.

To get there is easy - coming down from Jalan Gopeng towards Jalan Sultan Iskandar (Hugh Low St.), then crossing the bridge (new bridge being build to replace very old bridge now) that spans the New to the Old Town one will turn at the second left for White Coffee and right for Kong Heng.

With such good food why Ipoh is not getting the tourist is hard to fathom. According to an astute observer, attendances in the form of customers are dwindling in these two areas. That is sad. Even Kong Heng are no longer their old self. Further Ipoh has the great Gua Tempurung, the lime stones forest of Simpang Pulai, the religious sites and a fair amount of colonial buildings concentrated near the Railway Station. With the theme park in Tambun Hot Springs area I am sure the momentum should be building up. But alas it was not to be. What does it take to lift Ipoh out of her doldrums?
The lady boss preparing each bowl by bowl of pork noodles from the 4 stoves.
A cuppa of "Cham". Coffee and Tea. I indulge in some coffee once a while through this beverage. I am not a coffee kaki as it gives me stiff headaches.Innards like kidney, liver, soft intestines together with a blob of minced pork. The soup base taste natural and gentle to the tongue as it is not aggressively seasoned with MSG.A plate of Ipoh famous bean sprouts to complete the meal.
Kong Heng is just one door away. Zun Seng Fatt was actually directly opposite Kong Heng but moved next to it. Its old premise has the famous TongSui.


Big boys Oven said...

this is really interesting, I was told at new town ipoh people is quing for this chicken rice just opposite the salted chicken shop! :) awesome Ipoh!

CUMI & CIKI said...

gimme gimme pork! love the murkiness of the soup. can only mean good things:)

minchow said...

Oh that soup looks like pure SUBSTANCE! I may hit you up for more directions should that road trip to the area ever materialises!

foodbin said...

this is the real authentic pork noodles.

SimpleGirl said...

frankly speaking, i am not a fan of pork noddles....shy on me, i always go for next shop for chee cheong fun n kai si ho fun, never tried this. should try one day!

J2Kfm said...

Yeah, this is good. Especially if you choose to be seated at the back part of the shop, almost al fresco, under some trees and all. complete with birds on the table pecking away.

Thanks for this post on Ipoh food. I wonder whatever will it takes to elevate Ipoh's tourism industry.

A casino perhaps? :)

hApPy HaPpY said...

I want pork noodle for breakfast later but Ipoh is too far now. Maybe try one in KL 1st and Ipoh later. Thanks

thenomadGourmand said...

Yes.. Ipoh can't seem to rise.. i think they nd a blardy political makeover.

But thk god at least Ipoh food is stil rockingly good! ;)