Tuesday, February 23, 2010

For the Last Time, it's called Yong Lieu and not YTF - Ipoh Nam Fatt

Catching up with food in Ipoh almost always mean a trip to the "Yong Lieu" coffee shops. It is just a kind of cannot help it attraction. I grew up amidst these healthy "lieus". It comes in the form of all kinds of vegetables and soy products slather with a generous portion of fish paste. Yong "long beans", "bok choy", "mushroom" and the list goes on! As for soy products, they have "tau pok" stuff on the right side and also inside out, "foo pe", tofu and etc. Now tell me if this isn't healthy what is?

Nam Fatt not only offers Yong Lieu" but also beef dishes and noodles plus the prennial favourite, steamboat.
Prawn Rolls came piping hot with thick succulent prawns. You guess it the soy skin was crispy and thin allowing one to enjoy the prawns with a crunch. Really good. 9/10. Must order!
Another beautiful Ipoh dish. Ipoh Choy Sum that is soft almost devoid of fibers and sweet to the bite!. 8/10. And for those who loves vege 9/10.Claypot Stew Beef. Its worth ordering as it is so hard to get beef in Ipoh Chinese eateries. This pot lack the zinnng confining to being average fare. I prefer it with thick sauce and more gelatinous. 6.5/10.
And a bowl of beef noodles! The broth was light. 6/10.
My previous visit and post.

Address: Nam Fatt Fish Ball Noodle House

86C Jalan Permaisuri Bainun
(Jalan Kampar)
30250 Ipoh
Tel : 05 2536454


SimpleGirl said...

nam fatt is quite a good place for yeung liu...but nowadays getting pricer ya

thenomadGourmand said...

Healthy? but its fried worrr... ;p
But I love Ipoh food..more 'liew', not the commercial ones where a wan ton is basically skin!
Choy Sum that is soft almost devoid of fibers ?? I'll buy them by kilos if I can fidn them here!!
And the last beef soup bowl looks positively delish! clear & tasty

(hehe.. for the last time its YL not YTF - I like!! AHhahahhaahhahaa)

Big Boys Oven said...

thanks for informing, defitely will be there on my next trip home to Ipoh this March! ;) clap! clap!

J2Kfm said...

Hahaha ... good one. I call them Liew all the time. But when describing to out of towners, I have to use YTF. :)

hApPy HaPpY said...

I like the prawn most, can tau pao for me ah?

Tummythoz said...

Yessir, Sir!
A roaring title for a roaring year?