Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Best Penang Fruit Rojak - Macallum Flat, Penang

Its relative when it comes to judging food. Each palate decides differently. But then when there are a lot of happy customers, we may have hit the jackpot. The vendor I meant. Well the customers benefit too as we get to enjoy some excellent culinary pleasures. It is no matter how the food was "simply" prepared or how simple the person who prepares it. Mind you Hock Seng served me barefooted. Didn't mind it one bit.

I get to enjoyed this particular Penang Fruit Rojak exactly 1 year ago. My nephew packed a few for us to sample while in Penang. He was literally singing his praises on how good this particular rojak is. No I did not post it as I just could not managed to get there to shoot the pics. Further I have to be on-site too. But this CNY I made the effort to get there.The sauces were one of a kind. A standout and a knockout. Spicy and hot. Savoury from the shrimpy goodness that comes from dried shrimps, 'har ko' and the usual light and dark soy sauces with an accompaniment of other secret ingredients. Then thickened into a gluey molasses like heavenly paste. It didn't come cheap. RM5 for a fix.

Herein lies the their so likable characteristic. Its not runny or watery. In fact its so thick that it hugs the spoon until gravity pulls it down. I found difficulty dipping and even trying scoop the sauce up with the fruit!

Enough said! It has to be eaten to allow the sweet, sour, savoury and spicy intermingling of flavours to caress or palate and buds. You will be taken.
My wife was bantering with Hock Seng as he pasted coloured label on each plastic box of sauce we took away. "Wow, you look handsome with tie and suit. Like a graduate" He genially replied, "I am a graduate in making rojak!"

We "ta pau" with additional sauces for distribution in KL.
Getting there was a breeze. After exiting the Penang Bridge head towards Georgetown using Jelutong Expressway. After 2 flyovers turn right at the first traffic lights junction. You will see almost immediately Pengkalan Weld Post Office on the right while Hock Seng Rojak is diagonally opposite.




laiying said...

Sigh...i din get to go back this CNY. I miss the food most....Gong Xi fa Chai to you.

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Wow...the sauce looks damn thick and shiok! Next time I'm in Penang, I'll definitely look out for this. ;)

Happy CNY to you!

thenomadGourmand said...

oh my! i didnt knw abt this!

hApPy HaPpY said...

great rojak & Happy CNY.

Kurt (OrionMystery) said...

Great post, very informative. I will check this out when I am in Penang again. Have tried those in Gurney Drive but this one looks so much better! Thanks!