Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stadt - German Cuisine and Bistro in Kepong

There are no half measures as far as food is concern. Actually only when we are really hungry. Tonight we ordered the largest possible portions available. However, did Stadt measure up to our expectations?

Located in a corner lot behind Carrefour, it is quite a busy square even at night. I can imagine the rental to be at 5 figures. Small nuclear families were having their meals when we arrived at 9:15pm. I guess not being a weekend the dinner crowd were gone. Most likely the night denizens will be in for their German beer and talking sweet nothings though the beer is in the vicinity of RM26 (excl. tax).

The restaurant look jaded through wear. The wait staff were enthusiastic and helpful and food came in a jiffy even though it was stated that a minimum of 25 minutes is needed to grill them.

Seafood Soup
with a strong tomato base, was above average. The sour awakened the senses and the herbs aroused the taste buds. The seafood made up of shrimps and squid were just passengers.
This was the almighty German Knuckle glazed with honey and sprinkled with pepper with smoked bacon and BBQ sauce. The meat was tender and the skin roasted to perfection till it was light and crisp! This is the first time in 5-6 outings that I have the perfect combination of crisp skin and all tender meat. But alas there were 3 downsides. 1) Where were the knuckles? It was just meat attached to the tibia and fibula only. 2) The sauce was inferior in taste compared to those 'tai chow' that offered Knuckle Roast. 3) The honey kind of sweetened the meat somewhat rendering a should be savoury dish a tad sweet for my liking. Despite these, I was satisfied as the essence of the roast are the crisp skin and tender meat. The next time I will ordered the non-honey glazed variety.The smoked bacon, a side-kick to the knuckle was pretty to look but ordinary in taste. My complaint may not be valid. Its not salty enough!Combo Sausages. A combination of strangers to me sausage-wise: Neuberger, Turinger, Vienna and Smoked Garlic. We have foot-long sausages served in different western joints. But try to line these up end-to-end it may end up to be a three-footer. It was stated that this plate will serve two.

Being used to sausages with a high flour content these were different. Rough the be exact. It was meatier with very little fat too. But palate-wise I still prefer the smoother version due to the addition of flour. Sausages should be grilled not pan-fried and over a perfect charcoal fire. It is up to the master to coax the best out of the sausages.

Overall it still taste a bit odd to my unrefined tongue in relation to sausages. Still it was a good meal. Maybe my next meal would be the German Pork Chop. A slab of meat is better than a tube of processed meat. My take.Other POV - Vkeong.

2, Jalan Metro Perdana 8,
Taman Usahawan Kepong,
Kepong Utara, 52100 KL
Tel: 03-62501016


Selba said...

Love German sausages! :)

Ciki said...

yea. c&C found this plc so-so for the knuckle - a bit overcooked and the so called "honey glazed" meant they gv u honey on the side rite? hardly could taste the seasoning..

but we love the beer here la, and the laid back ambiance! :)

Unknown said...

KL have lots of German foods.

Food For Tots said...

To my surprise, there is a nice German restaurant in Penang. I luv German sausage. ;)

minchow said...

Yes, while I agree sausages have their merit, I'd choose a slab of real meat over processed anyday! The choices in Kepong featured here never fail to surprise me!

Rebecca Saw said...

wahh..Kepong now got German food also..and everytime i think Kepong I think of "ulu"
Totally w ya on this: A slab of meat is better than a tube of processed meat.

thts why also i dont like steamboat..all tht BALLS...;)

Tailim said...

German has invaded Kepong. Will they ever invade Wangsa Maju maybe soon. Wonderful I love meat and have marked it in my 2tRy list. Thanks

foodbin said...

the sausages looks good to me.

renaye said...

german food!! thanks for the intro coz i have been looking for one!


Big Boys Oven said...

noticed this place but yet to try . . . . sausages wow!

Little Inbox said...

I've not tried any German food before. The pork knuckle looks good.