Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Excellent Customer Service Experience - Giordano HKG

Giordano Macau - near to ruins of the Church St. Paul.

As I was running a post on HK, I remember how efficient the island state is and my trips there had always been pleasant and worth remembering. In fact at one point I considered relocating here. One of the fringe benefits is that HK has great International Schools for young minds and where fees were reasonable in comparison to the inflated ones in Malaysia. My mentor at that time was a Hong Konger.

I remembered the food, sites and the shopping. But most of all I learned not to dilly-dally with Hong Kongers as they have no time to spare. They work fast and think fast. Those from a laid-back culture would not be able to survive here. Misinterpreting this work ethics as rude, brusque and abrupt will not help. The word to describe this characteristic is "Song Fai". "Make it quick" may be the best English equivalent.

HK do have many aspiring international brands. One of them is Giordano. Being international is not just having alot of shops overseas. It is not just the seen but also the unseen: the subtle and sub-conscious interaction a customer has with the brand. Their perception of value and good experience will build customers' loyalty.

I owed this one to HK Giordano for an excellent customer service experience I had had with them a few years ago. It was over a defective jacket I bought in HK but make good with a replacement sent to me by DHL from HK to my KL address. Superb!

My Letter of Complaint to Giordano
25th Feb

To: Feed Back
Subject: Defective Jacket

Dear Sir

I bought a jacket from HK052 Capitol and found it defective. The inner pocket base was not sown properly and the bottom of the pocket is torn thus unable to store anything. Stuff will drop to the bottom of the jacket.

Details of my purchase:

Invoice: ____
Date: ____
Time: 19th Feb

I expect your esteemed company to correct the situation.

My Name and Address:

Within a week I received a reply and with a few more mails within the day I have everything wrapped-up.
3rd March

Subject: RE: Defective Jacket

Dear Mr. Chin,

Thanks for your message.

We are sorry for the defects on the jacket. Please excuse for any inconvenience caused.

Regarding the jacket you mentioned, I have already got a new one for your exchange. However, would you come back to Hong Kong in the coming future? I hope to find the best method for this exchange.

I look forward to hear from you. Thanks so much!

Sales Operation
Giordano Limited
Direct Line:

Within the same day I replied
Dear Ms FC

I will not be back to HKG until Oct. What do you propose? Can I exchange it in Kuala Lumpur?


Within the same day FC replied
Dear Chin,

I would send the new jacket to you directly. So, I send to address as below:

Could you also leave us your contact number in Malaysia for me to arrange DHL?

Thanks a lot!


I wrote in with my office phone for the courier service and she promised to alert the purchasing team on this for improvement. On the 5th (Friday) she informed me that the jacket was DHL to me! Got it by the following week.


SimpleGirl said...

excellent! I love the way they handle customers' complaint! I heard my friend had the same good experience from Baleno many years back....

Selba said...

Wow! What a great service!

My first "giordano" bought also in Hongkong, like their products :)

J2Kfm said...

very nice. indeed, i felt that the staff in most outlets in HK had a generally better idea on what they're selling, and not pushy til tail you from end to end.

Little Inbox said...

This is the right attitude that impressed me. It will keep up the company's reputation.

Duckie said...

very good. i like it when companies handle complaints well. it makes things so much easier

Tummythoz said...

OOoOOooo I just lurrrve shopping in HK! All shops, big small branded bargains, are just so service oriented that one can just breeze in everyday to window shop without being embarrassed/shy.

Allie said...

2 thumbs up for the service :D
Imagine if you buy this defective jacket in Malaysia? LOL

foodbin said...

no doubt about it they are very efficient.

ling239 said...

they really go all out for their customer! ^_^

Food For Tots said...

I am so impressed with their excellent customer service. Hope more local companies can provide this great service.

cariso said...

IMPRESSED by their service! Ho liao!

worldwindows said...

SG... Keeps the customer!

Selba... Love their Polo T-shirts.

J2Kfm... I usually walk out if I am tailed closely!

LI... Giordano has a dynamic leadership. The boss now kept a lower profile compare to a few years back.

Duckie... The fear of losing a customer is more than that of losing a jacket.

TT... Yes I agree.

Allie... Some bigger brands do exchange.

FB... Delays in looking into complaints create bad feelings! So the Customer service frontliners must be empowered to make decisions.

Ling239... Driven by the fear of losing customers and the passion to be the best.

FfT... Local service still some way to go.

Cariso... I am too.