Moving House

My present house is as old as my son who is 14. Parenthood force us into a new adventure i.e. the commitment to buy a house. As we outgrew the house, we tried to move a couple of times to bigger house but do not has the will power. It was also not practical. Schooling. Neighbours front, rear, left and right are present 24 hours a day. It is like having a security blanket. I am very happy with this arrangement as I traveled a lot until this year.

It's not the footage and the prestige of a hallowed address that give status and and value. It is actually the neighbourhood. The German has a saying, "Good neighbours double the value of a house." Sure enough, we were reluctant to move. But finally all good things must come to an end. My son is more independent.

Ready to roll
I come to a stage where I needed more space and comfort i.e. the "soft music, low lights" phase. Where the environment within the house is more important that those outside. Tailored made for thinking and creativity. A cave to hide in perhaps.

Biologist says that the cells in the human body renew itself once every 7 years. I am 7 years or 1 cycle too late. I need renewal. But it is never too late to act.

I am moving tomorrow.


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