Tangkak's Wanton Noodles

I made a short hop from KL to Johor Bahru yesterday morning. With about 1/2 an hour to spare, a stop over for breakfast at any of the small towns is the norm. Tangkak was chosen as it has the famous Beef Noodles. The shop has branches in Melaka Raya and Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru. Alas, it was not to be. The 2-lot shop was closed for the day. So we back tracked to a coffee shop that seems to be have a fair bit of customers.

Only Wanton Noodles was available. What to do? No more time to hunt around. The Wanton and Char Siew were forgettable. However, the noodles was something else. The noodles look more like Sarawak noodles without the minced pork toppings. The feel is springy and firm. The sauce is definitely made from stock and not MSG. It has enough zing to impart a great taste without leaving you dry and thirsty.

Directions: Pay the toll at Tangkak Toll Plaza. After exiting take the turn to Tangkak. Follow the road for a few hundred meters and will have the Wanton Noodles shop on your left. For the Beef Noodles, go further down and turn right at the traffic junction. A short distance you spot the the shop on the right. Remember it has 2-lots.


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