Friday, July 22, 2011

Restoran Little Korea - Solaris Mont Kiara

Banchan - good but not as good and as comprehensive as those that comes with payment. I would like to pay for my Banchan for better quality and variety.

Korean restaurant promotes companionship and comradeship whether it is for the family or the comrade. You take things easy and engage one another when food is in the BBQ or eating out from (adding) the hotpot. I had good conversation with my family and esp. my son in my outings. This may not be good for business as I have found out that some eateries do not sell crabs as the table will be occupied way too long by customers. Restaurant owners want to see the table turnover quickly. Each table is a cost centre!

I learned a lesson way back in the 90's when eating with a friend over guess what? Vietnamese BBQ and Hotpot over dinner in Ho Chi Minh City. Friendship building in Vietnam necessitates these two items on the menu.
Regular Claypot Hot Soup - If not for my stomach's dislike for spicy stuff this would be my staple soup. The Yin and the yang of Cantonese clear soup.
The egg was kind off overdone but then with some stirring and addition of spicy beanpaste and garlic - voila, something nice was the outcome.
Bibimbap - the meal that feeds to common man. Question? What is the common man's meal in KL? Chap Fan (mixed rice) hands down. The others are Gimbap (Korean sushi) and Korean Instant noodles.
Korean Seafood Pizza - had this once on roadside in Seoul deep into autumn enjoying this and other Korean fare. Korean hospitality kicked in and we were offered blankets for our very cold feet.
Glass Noodles fried or in hotpot - equally good in any Korean restaurant
Beef BBQ Galbi

Beef BBQ Galbi

Address: Restoran Little Korea (2nd Floor)
Jalan Solaris 1
Solaris, Mont KiaraTel: 03 6203 7217

Monday, July 18, 2011

B & Best Restoran, Kelana Jaya - Fishy Business

Willing to pay whatever price for a bowl of noodles with quality and fresh seafood? You can even have your noodles 'garnish' with abalone. However as far as I know, there is no shrimps and lobster and crab meat served here. Many Kelana Jayans here will think of this establishment is an "old brand".

The red grouper fish slices served with my noodles exceeded my expectations. It was sweet, firm and the textures revealed a great fish valued and desired by many as a premium fish. The soup base was deliberately made subtle without being too diluted. It's taste and smell were well-matched to allow the fish meat to shine.

The fishballs and fishcake were by no means side-kick making cameo appearances as compared to their many variety of fish slices available according to the season of course. There were springy, smooth textured and natural fish sweetness.

My favourite fishcake is even better than the fishballs. Do make sure you order this dish!

Restoran B & Best
Jalan SS4C/5, Kelana Jaya

Friday, July 15, 2011

Madura Banana Leaf Rice - Sri Gombak, Batu Caves

My normal Banana leaf order. Mains will usually be Mutton Curry with a cup of complimentary spicy and sour Resam.

Madura is located on the old commercial side of Sri Gombak.Its not referring to the Indonesian island and Indonesian food. Its good ole Indian Banana Leaf rice. This genre is becoming a rare breed and hard to come by especially the really good ones. This one has the Indian touch and even mock vegetarian meat dishes. My first! The fares here are decent enough to attract repeats though it is not a standout. But still it is worthy of my customs over several occasions. The search for an outstanding Banana Leaf restaurant continues.

Poppadom is a must but sad to say some are selling it separately at RM0.50 per small plastic bag of Poppadom. Reminiscent of Indonesian food with its Keripik. A must for Banana Leaf Rice.
Berianyi. Looks like Spanish Paella (exaggerated). The texture put me off a bit as I rather the grains be less starchy and separated as any good Berianyi should be. Personal preference here.
The vegetarian dish. Mock Mutton I believe. It should have been better but I guess this segment is still new. Good effort to make it look and taste like the real thing.
Payasam sweet (very) desserts to end my meal.
Address: 9, Jalan SG 7/16, Taman Sri Gombak, 68100 Batu Caves
Te: 03 61853790, 017 3382271