Thinking and Rehearsing

An once of careful thinking is worth a pound of thoughtless labor.

Jeffrey J. Fox is a prolific author. In one of his books entitled 'How to Become CEO' he recommends an hour of hard thinking everyday. As one move up the corporate ladder, it is no longer the work life that is crucial. It is the thought life.

Senior executives arrive early to the office to have quiet time alone. When the office arrives for the day there will be no more time to think, rehearse, muse, meditate, reflect, scheme, dream and visualize.
Photo taken at Musee d'Orsay, 2005 in 2005
I personally practise musing, reflecting, rehearsing and dreaming and visualizing.

Musing is particularly useful when I am faced with complex situations esp. those that I am ill-equipped and have no experience in. Webster gives the definition as, "to become absorbed in thought; especially : to turn something over in the mind meditatively and often inconclusively." It is like talking and discussing with oneself all the time looking for the answer or solution. I am looking at the problem from different angles. By combining it with researching or talking to experts this will usually yield what I am looking for.

The other is reflection. The ability to pause and reflect is a gift. Many lunge headlong calling this courage. It fails to recognized the fact that victories are won by careful thought and reflection. Reflect on what? I look for connections, linkages, histories and then relate and align them to the present situation. Thereafter the answer becomes academic.

Horizontal meditation! - Also shot at Musee d'Orsay, Paris in 2005
Rehearsing is another integral part of success. When I was part of a choir I was told that to be perfect at least 19 rehearsals are needed. Reads rehearsal not practice. The professional and business part of my life needs rehearsals esp. in the presentations, speeches, meetings, consultations and everything new. Rehearsals smoothen and enhances delivery. The rehearsals are the easy part. But the rest will come smoothly if I have done my rehearsals.

Possibly some may think that rehearsals will make one look stiff. Like the recent debate between Anwar and Cheek. Anwar came off well rehearsed and Cheek is more natural. Look at Clinton and Obama. Clinton is rehearsed while Obama is natural and even inspiring. In our mind Anwar and Clinton came off as though they are well prepared. In my opinion Cheek and Obama are better prepared and rehearsed. My reasoning is only those well rehearsed will not be too concern with the contents and can afford to be natural and inspiring.

Finally, I need to be able to have dreams and visions. This differentiate me from animals. It also gives me a life and a reason to work and live. Dreams and visions activates and launches. It brings life to my being.


Kenny Mah said…
"My reasoning is only those well rehearsed will not be too concern with the contents and can afford to be natural and inspiring."

True enough. When I used to debate, we'd only get 30 minutes AFTER receiving the motion to prepare before the debate started. It may seem rushed but if one does one's homework on a variety of topics, one can arrange one's arguments quickly and respond to one's opponent both intelligently and rapidly AND with a natural flair.

If it looks easy, it probably isn't. Lots of hard work and preparation behind the scenes. :)
very inspiring thoughts , something which should be deftly promoted to youngish Malaysian school kids.

Notwithstanding almost none of our present cabinet ministers today even has a quart of the mental agility of what you have just highlighted !

does that mean then Malaysia today will be Malaysia Gone tomorrow?

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