Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Kuala Kurau Prawn Fritters, Perak

What do you do with an abundant supply of fresh prawns? Wisdom and entrepreneurship produce some great culinary delights. One of them would be the Prawn Fritters. They are quite a few around, but this is the popular one. It is part just behind Kean Seng Lee Café that also serves excellent seafood, which is by the seafront. If there is a long queue for this delicious snack move on, there are a few nearby. Call ahead if you want to tapau a substantial amount to feed the whole village.

It's painful watching them adroitly in multiple tedious steps setting up the base or mold for the fritter in a ladle. Then the ingredients were added and followed by the topping up to put together each fritter. Finally, they put the ladle, which acted as a mold into the hot cauldron of oil for the final step. So don't begrudge the price.

Besides the basic batter made from flour, there were the Chives, Jicama (sengkuang) and a few pieces of prawns. These were quality prawns. The fritter was soft, fluffy and moist inside while it's external was crispy. The crunch from the Jicama, the distinctive scent from the Chives and the unadulterated and sweet aroma from fresh prawns these fritters make a good snack.

Kuala Kurau Prawn Fritters
Kuala Kurau, Perak
05-727 8171

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