Saturday, November 9, 2019

Kedai Kopi Makanan Nam Wah - Hulu Lamgat

Making the way up to Hulu Langat can be tedious, even without the rush hour traffic. We were 3 hours before the evening rush hour and the idea of ending our day with some Hainanese coffee with toasted and steamed bread was very feasible.

Highly rated in mainstream media is a sign of acceptance in foodie folklore. The owner greeted us and was friendly and motioned to us to sit and took our orders. If there is a "Hulu" prefix before the town's pronoun, it's highly likely to have this kind of warm reception.

The coffee might not be modern, but it was satisfying and smooth drinking. It went down well without any knots and jerks like some wannabes Kopitiam. Full-bodied with all the margarine and sugar, certainly a taste of the yore. Anytime, I will choose this with my toast or steam bread.

The butter was buttery and smelt and tasted like one. It's not vegetable oil or came from brands like Butterlollyland or Greenfieldsbuttermeadow.

And the kaya, it came in both pandan and classic, is popular with people from everywhere. Hulu Langat kaya is synonymous to Nam Wah. No flour-y feel or lumpy globs. Just plain smooth and thick coconut milk jam.

The toasted bread from the Hainanese Roti was the best I have had for a long time. Even better than the best in Ipoh. The bread was crisp all the way through. No soft spot left untoasted. The steamed bread was no pushover. It came with a fight and a pull. The springiness that was waiting to be dunked in the cuppa coffee and yet not left severed and dropped to the bottom of the cup.

Come for some unhurried time and enjoy this idyllic and friendly small town.

Kedai Kopi Makanan Nam Wah
49, Exit B52, Pekan Batu Lapan Belas, Hulu Langat, Selangor

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