Wednesday, August 28, 2019

San Peng Kai See Har Fun and White Chicken - San Peng Flats area

Alas! We arrived at the tail-end of the business day and have to do the mop-up operations. The 'Kai See Hor Fun's' broth has lost a bit of their bite. Usually the later it is in the day, the more diluted it gets. But then this is not the entire truth and may have other extenuating factors. Moral of the story is not to get to good eating places too late.

Still, the shrimp and chicken soup was savoury and hit the right notes. It was sweet and was squeezed out from the chicken bones and prawn shells'. The fragrances wafted to our noses and everyone let out a cry of anticipation.
The noodles got to be smooth, but not as smooth as those from Ipoh after all this is one of Ipoh's most famous hawker food's export. The shredded chicken was good and as fresh as could be. Otherwise, it would smell gamey.

The soya sauce chicken feet were still available. The gelatinous sticky skin was made so delicious with the soya sauce bringing the best out of it. There is something special about being sticky and saucy.

Finally, the free-range chicken was as good as it can be for the price we paid. It has to fulfill three good food points. Smooth and slippery exterior, firm and chewy texture and finally the taste must be more than a hint of good chicken. All these were there thankfully.

Guang Ji Ho Fun & Chicken Rice
Jalan San Peng, Pudu, Kuala Lumpur

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