Monday, October 1, 2018

Fish Head Noodles and Others - Goon Wah, Kuchai Lama

This is a nice place for a bite. Service was fast and they help you to be seated. I arrived expecting big lunch crowd but it was manageable. It has two lots and has an aircon section plus an annexe 2 - 3 shops away. The aircon is a must for those who sweat alot and you are making a go for the fish head noodles.

We ordered 2 noodles dishes both single serve. The highlight was the fish head noodles. I found the taste a bit mild. Don't expect it to be heavily sauced and flavoured. So if you like it subtle and want to control the taste and not be dulled or overwhelmed by heavy flavours, then go for it. The fish head was great and fresh.

The Lou See Fun noodles in claypot was also mild without the generous among of salt or soy sauce. Rather its on the slight sweet side from the dark soy sauce. The intention was to have it caramelised as the pot was still been heated underneath. You will like the fragrance and the aroma. It has great toppings like dried prawns that gave it the savoury slant.

We ordered sides, a braised pig's stomach and intestine. Again its no run of the mill type like those you get in most stalls. It's again milder without the heavy soy sauce and caramelisation. Finally, it was completed with their recommended dish of mutton ribs. Just a small portion. This came with a heavy and strong taste. The gamey smell was there even with the thick sauces. I for one has no problem with the gamey meat, others may not be so.

Goon Wah Restaurant
G13, Jalan 3/115C, Taman Kuchai Jaya, Kuala Lumpur

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