Monday, May 14, 2012

Prawn Noodles - San Peng Flats Kuala Lumpur

Simple delights dished by the second generation. The food has stood the test of time and keeping the food flag flying is the younger set. Needless to say I am impressed that these young fellows have decided to take-over their family's business.

There must be something special when a 50-something friend pointed out to me that she used to once upon a time treat this place as her regular haunt. I was told the Lam Mee here is also excellent. The food here is sans MSG which is a big yes yes for 2 reasons. Healthy and no thirst. I came away slurping clean the bowl of its reddish liquid goodness, with that good umami feeling and without immediatley craving for a coke to take away the dry and thirst feeling.

2 generations worth of simple ritualistic day in day out commitment to a good bowl of Har Mein.
A plate of another simple dish of Poached White Chicken. Delightful esp. with dashes of soy sauce.

The Prawn Mein shed.

Directions:  From Jln Maharajalela head  towards Jln Loke Yew, watch out for Tsun Jin school on your left, turn left adter passing the school, short distance TM building find parking somewhere. Next to a Hindu temple.

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