Friday, September 23, 2011

Ama Bakery - 745 Silom Street, Bangkok

I got hold of this box of gems from my wife on her return from Bangkok. Soft and fluffy buns, almost pillowy in texture. There was lots of milk beaten into the dough and with Thai penchant for everything sweet, these buns were really good. The best I have had for long-time. I am  not sure whether it is a chain store. But looks like it is a local bakery with its secrets kept within its community. The packaging was not that great. I thought Thai really pays a lot of attention on the packaging and good at it. The other was the exclusive use of the Thai language except for the word, "AMA". But who cares, when the products were so good!

The tagline say, "Aroy, sod jak tau tuk wan." It means "Delicious, fresh from the oven daily." And it is, as I agree to it whole-heartedly.

Being a carbo addict and in need of cutting back, it is not really a good thing with these fluffy buns lying on my kitchen table. The piece de resistance was the fragrant pandan fillings. It was more custardy than jam-like and again with milk added in gives it a rather rich feel.

I am sure I will get more of these when my wife get back to Bangkok next week.

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thenomadGourmand said...

OH, i tell u. The Thai's "kaya"or coconut custard is just different from ours!
Lovely, custardly and very milky...