Monday, December 13, 2010

La Casa - Desa Parkcity

Christmas is around the corner. Desa Parkcity's Waterfront has the outdoor space to put in some decor to liven up the occasion. It is wise to leave open spaces for harried and hassled urban folks to luxuriate in. Beyond the Waterfront there is another huge park for people to indulge in whatever recreation they fancy in. Its a nice place to bring guest for a meal and a walk especially in the later part of the night.

We had dinner in La Casa a western-style outfit. Generally the quality of the food surprised me.
Fancy root beer to titillate the palate and empty the wallet. But then this bottle was really solid in the taste department.
Pumpkin soup. Wholesome but then I will go for mushroom or oxtail soup anytime. Pumpkin is a neutral, lose its character vegetable and is used as a food conditioner or combined with some really strong ingredients. Again why did I order this?
Greek Salad was kind of disappointing compare to  the price paid which is near to RM20. Portion was small and the fetta cheese is not up to mark as it was a bit hard for my taste. I am not expecting a mozzarella but then cheese shouldn't be that hard either.
This clam dish was good. The cook's handling of it was perfect. Juicy clams were the outcome. The sauces were not overwhelming thus we were left to enjoy the natural taste from the product of the shell!

This salmon ravioli swung to the other extreme in terms of taste. It was very creamy. I wondered whether Gruyere cheese was used. Those cheese shavings were grainy and a bit unusual but a brand new taste for me!

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Bangsar-bAbE said...

Yikes...the feta cubes look like hard nougat bars!