Monday, February 14, 2011

Yogyakarta Food - Mbak Eko

This is the best of the entire meal. The picture tells the whole story. Grilled to perfection.
The name of the restaurant 'Mbak Eko' sounds like 'Empat Ekor'. There are many of these scattered around the city. It is the equivalent of the Malaysain "tai chow". If I am not mistaken 'Mbak' is the Javanese word for 'older sister'. The 'm' and the 'b' are consonants blends and can be heard individually.

The food in Jogjag is different in taste from back home. It is to be expected as the sauces used are different. Beyond that the degree and proportions also differed. The most exciting part to the local cuisine will definitely the varieties of chili condiments to complement and to bring out the best in their food. But alas my stomach is not too fond of it.
This is a local fish in sweet and sour sauce blended with some eggs and also corn starch reminding me of the Chinese food back home.
Deep-fried sotong in batter. I like the sotong to be tender and not overcooked. The batter should be salted and pepperised.
Local masterpieces. Tofu and tempe. Fermented soy beans (tempe). Sour and firm texture. The tofu was excellent.
The style is decidedly Indonesian Chinese.
Overcooked to me but it was the norm for my friends.
This alpukat or avocado with chocolate is too tame for me in comparison to those I got in other parts of Indonesia.

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