Nasi Lemak and Mamak Rojak at Rock Cafe - Sunway, P.J.

I had lunch and then adjourned for tea at Rock Cafe, Sunway with some of my mates. This is a huge 2 storey site. On the ground floor there is a wide variety of food and on the first floor there is a big Internet Cafe. I was told that the operator pays RM60,000 per month as rental for the entire premise.

We have the usual coffee and tea and snacked on pastry from Seremban Siew Pow as well as Mamak Rojak and Nasi Lemak.

The Nasi Lemak used to be located upstairs and there will be long lines during the lunch hour. It is famous among the Sunway folks.
Nasi Lemak with Sotong RM3.00. The attraction is the sotong and rice!
Many dishes. I bought 2 plates to share, one with sotong and the other curry chicken.Mamak Rojak was good. Suit may taste. Not too spicy and too rich. 7/10.


Jason said…
Is the stall still there?

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