Goh Teo Kee Teochew Restaurant - Taman Sri Nibong, Penang

No 2, Jln Bkt Kecil Satu, Tmn Sri Nibong, Penang. Tel: 04 6465072 and Mobile: 0124737218
The food is Chinese with strong Teochew leanings. It has Thai and Nyonya element too. Though the ambiance and interior not as good as Overseas Restaurant (KL) the interior revealed some thoughtful investment. There is an intention by this restaurant to position itself on the upmarket side. Overall the food was a good 7/10. Especially outstanding was the Purple Yam Tapioca Dessert. The 7 of us spent about RM213. MIL played hostess and foot the bill.

The have another 2 branches. Check their rudimentary and outdated website for navigation and communication details.
Our food came almost simultaneously therefore managed a group photo!
Their signature dish. Tofu with leeks and prawns. Refreshing, salty, muggy smell that comes from 'tau cheong'/preserved soya beans. 7/10.Roast Pork Knuckle. A popular order. Almost perfect except for a small portion that was too well done/roasted giving hard and unyielding lean meat. 6.5/10.
Teochew-style Seabass/Siakap. Flavourful juices. Sour base with ginger, tomatoes, mushrooms, coriander, Chinese celery and subtle soya sauces. One of the best Teochew fish dish I had. Fish meat is also fresh but with came from cage home therefore meat is somehow score less than the wild ones! 6.5/10.Crab rolls. A bit chewy. Score 5/10.
Sea Cucumber with Minced Meat. 6/10. Sea cucumber was done well. The good feel but tasteless sea creature was not enhanced by the minced meat.
The worse. Chewy stems. Either the buyer or the one who was holding the knife fell asleep. 4/10. Taste wise also not up to mark. Where is the chicken stock?
The best of the crop! 8/10. Came as dessert. Sticky but not sticking on the palate. It was moist and flavoured with sugar and topped with generous sprinklings of toasted fragrant sesame seeds. Then decorated with gingko nuts.


Anonymous said…
I love Goh Huat Seng Teowchew restaurant along Jalan Kimberly in Penang...very authentic esp the charcoal steamboat...maybe you can check that out as well!
worldwindows said…
Check out their charcoal steamboat. Slow if there are a few adults unless alot to catch lah! But their a la carte looks good.
Little Inbox said…
They have another branch at Sg Ara, but the food is not as good as this branch.
minchow said…
Haha, I love how a glorious pork dish is the recurring centrepiece in your recent posts. Exactly the way it should be! :-)
Selba said…
Never seen that kind of dessert... would love to try it :)
worldwindows said…
LI... We arrived at about 6pm. Then the families started coming and before we finished almost all tables taken up.

550mljof... anything porky, crispy and fatty is good for me :-)

Selba... once eaten, twice want.

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