Hoe Fong Chicken Rice - Sea Park, P.J.

Beside Sea Park Wet Market, Jalan 21/17
Nice chicken rice is hard to some by. This one is unique as it comes in the form of deep-fried chicken. This is not an exactly healthy dish as chicken are fried in 2 woks brimming with hot oil. Even the fumes permeates the shop but not enough to get the clothes smelling like oil. Seat deeper into the shop.

The old lady hunched over the work and the chopping board busy, busy getting the orders filled. The youngsters get to play second fiddle! This shop is obviously an old brand as regulars come and go.

This one stall shop has lor bak on their very limited solitary one item menu. Their drinks are mediocre. Some MSG.

I ordered a chicken leg plus thigh and a lor bak. With a herbal drink - RM8.50 which is cheap.

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The chicken and lor bak. Soup (not in pic) with radish is complimentary.
The chicken is sweet and firm but not chewy. Should I say fried to perfection. I am not sure what they did to it but it taste as though it is marinated in ginger juice - 7/10.
Very good like my Penang MIL's lor bak. Only complaint, the bean curd skin is not crispy.


minchow said…
Nice chicken and lor bak on the side... but how did the rice fare?
Anonymous said…
sometimes, or most of the time, healthy food are not that tasty ya!?
teckiee said…
Happy Chinese New Year!
Happy New Year.... so, do you come to Penang often for good lobak??
worldwindows said…
550mljof... Forgot about the rice. Taste fragrant and buttery. Obvious efforts being made to make it good.

SG... Bad stuff. Deep-fried with animal fat, sugar-laden etc. Nasi Kerapu is good and healthy meal!

Teckiee... Happy Lunar New Year to you too!

NKotB... Happy Lunar New Year to you too and yes I do a few times a year and enjoy Penang's unique taste!

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