Holiday Is Over - There Will Always Be Another One

We were squeezing every little bit of value out the the last 2 weeks of holidays and made 2 separate trips. This is a time where we get to see our older folks back in Ipoh and Penang.

My parents suggested breakfast at Swisang, Taman Ipoh Jaya Timur 1 (near to Old Town White Coffee). With 10 stalls (most stalls with at least 2 or more varieties) to choose from we were spoiled for choice! We have the CKT, YTF and CCF. Coffee shop's fares, nevertheless good enough though nothing to shout about.
Ipoh Char Koay Teow. I preferred it lighter in colour.
Ipoh Yong Tau Foo. Except for the Tofu which I think is homemade the rest are from the wholesalers. Fish paste a bit salty.
Ipoh Chee Cheong Fun with red sweet sauce.
Then took parents to Penang to visit my in-laws. My MIL took us for Dim Sum in this very crowded and famous coffee shop in Sg. Dua. Weekends one have to wait for a table by standing near to it and waiting for them to finish. Being there a few times. Dim Sum is above average except for chicken feet and siew pau. The taste was too strong. It seems this is the best Dim Sum they have to offer in that area. Maybe some Penangite can offer suggestions.
Spacious with 2 big lots. Bright and breezy. Weekends tables will be on the five foot way.


ah kiang said…
The char koay teow doesn't seem to have any ingredients? Where are the clams and prawns lol

worldwindows said…
Bad food presentation. Buried under the hor fun :-) My son's fav.

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