Happy Restoran aka Siong Hee Revisited - SS3/37, Taman Universiti

Address: 31, Jalan SS3/37, Taman Universiti, P. J. Tel: 603-7876 7763 / 6012-673 1889

This 'tai chow' also known as Siong Hee serves the office crowd during the lunch hour and dinner to residents in the township. We reordered our favourite Roast Pork Knuckle. Call ahead to book. The lean meat never tough or too dry. Skin is crispy. Fat layer comes off easily but do not feel or taste oily. Tendons and cartilage are soft and gelatinous.

Total costs RM190 (excl. drinks) feeding 10 pax.

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Huge Plate for 10 pax - 7/10.
Big Red Snapper Assam style. Fresh cooked in sweet and sour sauce together with pineapple cubes and tomatoes - 7/10.
Venison. Too salty and over-sauced for me - 5.5/10.Tofu with vege - 6/10.Omelette/Foo Yong Tan - 6/10.Usual vege - 6/10.


Selba said…
the roast pork knuckle looks crunchy... *slurp*

Fish cooked with pineapple is a perfect combination :)
worldwindows said…
I think I have posted 6 times on Roast Pork Knuckle. Just love it.

Yes adds flavour esp some sweetness to the dish. Another variety to the sourish Teochew style.
Little Inbox said…
This is the typical Chu Char like we have in Penang too.
minchow said…
Wow, this is starting to be my go-to blog for lip smacking roast pork knuckle recommendations!
Ciki said…
pork knuckle man.. food of the earth never tasted so sweet...
Food For Tots said…
Pork knuckle is my hubby's favourite. Will ask him to check it out in this coming KL trip. Tks for the review.
worldwindows said…
LI... Common people's once or twice a week family's outing food in KL.

550mljof... I just love these porky stuff.

CampC... its good to have Kobe beef too once a while :-) Thanks for that good post of yours!

FfT... Most of my friends actually enjoyed this sinful cholesterol-laden dish! Esp. the man.

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