Usain 'Yam' Bolt

The hero of the 29th Olympic was athlete Usain Bolt. At 21 and standing tall with a frame of 6ft 5in this incredible running machine has left the rest of the field trailing in his tsunami's wake. Not even Michael Phelps can do that eventhough it is unwise to compare the apple with an orange.

He is the first man to break the 100m and 200m world record in the same games. No athletes have ever before so thoroughly captured the imaginations of the adoring fans and criticisms of the stuffy and jealous 'institutionalized' detractors.

The reason: he devastated the rest of the field. None of the 'rest' can even come close. He is so overpowering and dominating.

What was the secret of his power? Here you have to hear it from Bolt's folks. Are you ready?

Jamaican Yam. “It is definitely the Trelawny yam,” Bolt senior said.

Yes the yam that gives us the 'bo bo cha cha', 'wu kok', 'mui choy kow yoke' and 'yam bowl' (better known as the Buddha's bowl).

When I am away from Malaysia for some time I pine for 'bo bo cha cha' and yam (not flavored) ice cream. The rich taste of the carbo soothes the tongue and the buds.

Back to the folks of Bolt. The proof of the running is in eating yam.

Need more proofs. OK. Jamaican women Shelly-Ann Fraser and Veronica Campbell-Brown won the 100m and 200m athletics events respectively in Beijing also.

Let's start feeding our athletes with 'bo bo cha cha', 'mui choy kow yoke' and 'krepek ubi keladi'.
Wu Kok


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