Foot in Mouth (China Part 7)

It was a perfect Opening for the 29th Olympic Games. Until news surfaced that the song sung when the Chinese flag makes its entry into the Olympic Stadium was lip synced.

Further the nation that invented fire-works has no confidence of getting the 29 footprint-shaped fireworks synced right. They were either pre-recorded or computer generated for the world-wide TV audience.

The General Music Director of the Opening Ceremony was quoted as saying that the miming episode was done for the best of the nation. As for the footprints the reason may be the same.

Xiao Qiang, the Director of the China Internet project at the University of California at Berkeley and former dissident opined that, "It was all about projecting the right image of China with no respect for honesty or for the audience.
For the mistakes in the above two events I hope it can be mitigated by the organizers spontaneity and thoughtfulness by including a child hero to march with the China team (It was an awesome sight to see the child walking with Yao Ming, the flag bearer). He saved two of his friends in the recent Sichuan earthquake. It is the respect accorded to children and recognizing their potential that will marked a truly great nation.

Lets not get the wrong foot forward and dishing out lip service in the name of the nation again.
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Kenny Mah said…
Just a shame... they were doing so well till this bit of news came out, and that of the faked fireworks. :(

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