Beijing Slit Eye (China Part 9)

One World, One Dream

More pictures of the slit-eye kind surfaced. It was discovered by the British press from the website of the Spanish Tennis Federation. It is no longer there now. The photo shows Spanish women tennis players pulling the pose, apparently in anticipation of their Federation Cup match against China in April. There is no suggestion that they intended to cause offence.

It is still a long way to go for the slogan, "One world, one dream" to be realized. The pictures look as if it is of good natured fun but it also reflects ignorance and lack of sensitivity. Ignorance can make one become xenophobic and provincial in outlook and unable to recognized and respect the positive and different features in someone else yard.
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It is a tit for tat battle between the British and the Spanish press since 17th Nov 2004 where several black England football players were taunted with monkey chants by large sections of the crowd at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium during England's 1-0 defeat.

The fought another battle when F1 racer Lewis Hamilton was taunted while practicing in Barcelona on the 2nd Feb 2008. It nearly turned out to be a diplomatic row. The picture depicted here is definitely unacceptable. It degrades the dignity of the human race.
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One is on the attack the other is on the defense. The latest salvo was interpreted as a conspiracy by the British press to derail Madrid candidacy to host the 2016 Olympic Summer Games. They are competing against Chicago, Rio De Janeiro and Tokyo.

Another photo surfaced albeit from another continent showing four members of Argentina’s Olympic women’s football team making “slit-eyed” gestures. There is no suggestion that they intended to cause offence.
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Kenny Mah said…
For some reason this slit-eyed news reminds me of Yasmin Ahmad's movie SEPET. Ah if only we can all find beauty in this world...

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