Beijing Olympic (China Part 3)

Even as the Olympic Games is about to begin Beijing 2008 is stilled dogged by controversies. The Foreign Ministries and its Public Security Bureau have been working overtime in the PR (public relations) and PS (public security).
NST 7th Aug 2008n- PETA and Free Tibet
They are having problems over:

1. Human/Religious Rights (Tibetan problem and persecution of different religious adherents just will not go away).
2. Even Animal Rights reared its head yesterday. Amanda Beard revealed too much of herself in her publicity stunt for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). She is the reigning Olympic 200m breast-stroke champion.
3. Temperature. The heat is get unbearable. It has been hot in Atlanta in 1996 and different cities. Its summer. What's the big deal!
4. Air pollution. After a few days of clear weather a heavy smog descended on Beijing yesterday. Four USA cyclists arrived in Beijing airport donning their respiratory masks. They look more like penguins from Antarctic. The air quality during the 1984 Los Angeles Games was equally bad.
5. WWW Censorship. Can't open Human Rights Watch and Free Tibet websites. May have more sites. Could have been solved by now with no censorship in the Olympic Village.

However there were many plus too:

1. Major relocation of polluting industries.
2. Renewal of public taxis, buses and many buses now use eco-friendly gas.
3. Sewage treatment is one of the most modern.
4. Major integration of mass rapid transportation.
5. USD40 billion invested in eco-friendly and sustainable Games.


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