Samuri Kajang Satay

On the 27th May 2005 Hj. Samuri Enterprise Sdn Bhd, the satay manufacturer, pleaded guilty and fined RM45,000 in the Ampang Sessions Court for illegal dumping of industrial waste into a waterway. Malay news version.

Since then, I kind of stopped going to any of its outlets. Personally I have other concerns too at that time as their chicken satay is too yellow for comfort. It is like the 'char siew' being too bright red.

My favourite was the one at the Kesas Highway lay-by on the side heading towards USJ as it was near my home.
Large black and white 'mural' on one of the restaurant walls
Anyway all is forgotten. I dropped in with my son for late lunch at the Melati Utama outlet. It was opened not too long ago. It did not disappoint as the meat was chunky and tasty without the usual thick layer of oil that they brushed liberally on the meat. It was also 'real' whole pieces of meat! The only problem is the chicken satay (RM0.60 per stick) was overdone and dry.

I think it is pre-cooked and as the orders come the workers will just put over the fire to heat it up. It can be done Chicken is popular and moved fast. The beef (RM0.60 per stick) and the venison (RM1.30 per stick) was flavourful and juicy. The price, I must say it is cheap. Those at the road side is already RM0.50 per stick of chicken satay and it is greasy, not 100% lean meat and definitely much smaller in size.

Samuri has 17 outlets (according to the staff in attendance). I have my satay at the Melati Utama shops fronting MRR2 (just before the Shell/McDonald). It is on the side leading towards Karak Highway. All shots by Nokia E90.
Pattaya Fried Rice - My son is a carbo addictChicken Satay (left) Venison (right) and Beef (top)
Lovely sauce though a bit sweet for meSamuri plaque


Kenny Mah said…
Wow. Even satay can go TOXIC? What has the world come to? :(
Tummythoz said…
Personally feel the super mass production of this 'brand' has taken its toll on the taste & quality. Rather go for 1-manned-stalls.

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