Restoran 99, Klang

A Sunday lunch doesn't have to be tedious or slow esp so after an adrenaline pump morning. We adjourned for a Klangnites' lunch. Something strong like their Bak Kut Teh.

Restoran 99 has been around for 28 years, occupying this same two lots' corner with additional space. Airy and without the sun beating down on us, we relaxed and geared up for excellent eating. Popular with office workers, come early for a table during weekdays. You can even choose the air-con section. You can even select the air-con section. Weekends are more casual and less crowded.

Our Kerapu (Grouper) Fish Head fried with loads of julienne ginger and Soya Sauces. It came thick, robust, savoury and spiced hot with ginger. This has to go with a bowl of rice. The fish is probably a few kilograms in size as the skin is thick and the meat firm and fresh. What do you expect from Klang? Seafood as fresh as can be.

On to our Chicken with Soya Sauces (what?). I thought that in addition to the light and thick soya sauces, there might have some red coloured liquid sauces added. A unique blend and strong taste again. Did it taste the Fish Head gravy? No! I guessed it was the red sauce that widened the taste spectrum. Reminder to ask the captain next round I am there.

The veggie dish came with loads of Wok Hei. Nowadays, the cook may fry the veggies without oil in the wok to get the slightly charred look and some burnt smell. Dried Shrimps bits and perhaps Fish Sauce were added to heightened the taste. This dish is suitable for those searching for a veggie dish that steers clear of the more bland and subtle Cantonese style.


Jalan Lang, Taman Berkeley, Klang, Selangor

016-337 9663


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