Regent Pandan Layer Cake Shop

Everyone knows this particular shop as it's a Klang institution. After a few rounds, we found this redoubtable shop tucked in the corner of Klang where time has stood still. For those who understand food, this only will portend well for a brand that has survived time.

They have four flavours with the latest addition, you guessed it, durian. The others are the original pandan flavour, yam and corn. All these are common ingredients in various Malaysian hot and cold desserts. In addition, the have different popular cakes to fill your fancy.

These layered cakes has five layers cake and another five jelly-like flavours of your choice set in between. It's firm and surprising, not soggy, as the cake did not suck up the slightly wet jellied layers.

They were not too sweet and too rich that gave the heavy feeling of having had too much of the good thing. It's best eaten as a dessert for a light munch with some tea or coffee and shared among friends.

Find out why 2nd generation are turning up with their children. I got for myself yam, pandan and durian. The lightness of the heart and head spoke volumes as I partook these lovely Western 'dim sum.

My heart welled up with good feelings; it actually stirred me emotionally. My head told me this was a good thing and hard to find. It gave me reasons like, the shop is so generous with the jelly-like pandan, yam and durian layers.

There was a good chew between the cake and chilled jelly, well balanced, each intermingling to good effects. They created the feeling of satisfaction and the thoughts of the next piece and the next trip.


Pandan Layer Cake 

70, Jalan Raya Timur, Kawasan 1, Klang, Selangor

019-224 7433


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