shudaojinli Chinese Restaurant - Sunway Nexis

I got a treat from my classmate. He runs a business nearby and wanted to take us out for a meal at a newly opened restaurant. These food fed 5 male adults.

It is of the Mainland Chinese/Malaysian Chinese fusion style. The dishes were good. A mix of rich and simple food.

The 2 tastes Chinese Carp head was opulent. It came last and we were not able to do justice to it. The collageny skin and bits and parts of the head were most sought after.

The white chicken was by no means white. The skin told us a different story. It was a bit like the salty chicken. Thumbs up for flavour.

The 2 plates of shrimps were simple and savoury, done the Cantonese way. Crunchy prawns with simple direct style to let them speak for themselves. No remnants left behind.

Finally a simple peasant dish. Potatoes with vinegar and spiced up with dried chillis. Lastly the comfort food for many who have links to the farm land and villages. Cabbages with slices of pork belly. Simply got lost in a fit of nostalgia 


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