Best Curry Noodles - Restaurant Kum Chuan, Subang Jaya

This Kum Chuan delicacy is a cross between KL and Ipoh styles. A good compromise if I may say.

KL is lemaky. Alot of santan and milk lots of oil giving it a bright red sheen on surface and also a heavy dose of sweetness. Too much will get you jelat.

Ipoh style has more spices, much less reliance on on oil and santan. You can find lots of the ground spices suspended in the broth. What I like is the savouriness that gives a sense of well-being. Too much santan causes bloatedness.

The bowl here is savoury but still has the some amount of santan and sweetness but happily it hit a sweet spot in me. I found a happy balance of the Ipoh and KL styles. Enjoy
SS13/1A, Subang Jaya


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