Jyu Raku Japanese Restaurant - Subang Jaya

Happy camper for the diners. My 2nd visit and certainly not the last. They have been the marquee Japanese food for SS15 for ages. Mind you competition is tough here as there are numerous other eateries around. I think within earshot there are 4 Japanese joints.

The sashimi set is fresh and tasty as the meat speak for itself. This set is to die for and this time we managed to order the sea urchin. Sweet and lively in the mouth, the taste is a combination of the earthy sand it crawled in and the salt of the sea.

Another dish to shout about was the Teapot Seafood Soup. Superior ingredients and stock made this dish so delectable and it is a must order for next visit.

13, Jalan SS15/5A, Subang Jaya


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