Sri Siam Fish Head Curry, Relau, Penang

Another day, there's another fish head. This is the famous fish head curry originating from Butterworth. The beauty was the deep layers of flavours from the spices carefully built up and in, through the cooking process. 

A bit of the savoury and piquant. It's lighter creamy taste and feel that will not get your stomach bloated. More Thai and Nyonya-like. This is definitely a time consuming work and not the one pot cook all process with one dimensional taste. 

Just love the freshness of the fish head which looked like a Jenahak. The skin was gel-like and was cooked to perfection. Flesh was firm, tasty and sweet. 

Next came the curry lamb. Though a bit tough but it was packed deep with spice flavours. None of the gamey taste and smell and a definite winner with carbo companion. 

Finally, we got what's left of the braised chicken feet with slices of skin from the pig's head. A decadent delicacy for the older folks. And for the younger set they can consider the collagen contributing to their dermalogical wellness! 

Try it out when in Penang and come out a winner in both taste and value for money. 


Lucky Eatery Food Court

Relau, Bayan Lepas, Penang

012-473 2774


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