Gooday Restaurant, Penang

Getting lunch Tai Chow style in Penang esp in Tanjung Bungah may not be difficult. But truth be told, with the existence of some of the widest varieties of hawkers' fares, going for Tai Chow is furthest from many minds. 

We booked a few tables for our lunch. With CMCO still in place, we can get 6 pax per table otherwise 3 to 4 tables will be sufficient. 

The food was quickly done and set on our table feeding 30+ hungry mouths. The corner lot has a high ceiling and airy. The service was good and the staff makes sure SOPs were complied to.

The curry Black Pomfret was fresh fish in multi-flavoured spicy curry. A good appetiser that got this Hokkien crowd going. Then the big prawns are coated with oats. Perfecto - crunchy lightly salted oats with sea prawns. What is there to beat the feeling of the blessedness of being able to eat and eat well? Nothing right!

The battered and fried chicken with julienne Jicama and carrot topped with sweet and peanutty sauce got us going again. The fresh crunchy veggies matched well with the meat and gave the meat a triple crunch.

Finally, the obligatory veggie dishes. Sometimes, we do pay attention to the sauces being used. The stock base must be sweet and fragrant to impart aroma and flavours to the bland and subdue greens. So we had a spicy and a Cantonese style to round up and complete a nutritious and satisfying meal.  


Gooday Restaurant

2J-G, Jalan Lembah Permai, Tanjung Bungah, Penang

016-263 5788


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