Saturday, April 28, 2018

Appachi's Banana Leaf Curry House, Taman Sri Gombak

It takes a village to give you intel on good food and the lastest happenings in the local food scene. The bigger the network the better. We have been going to Amos Curry House and of late I was alerted by my office people to Appa'chi's (grandpa in Tamil). They are not too far away from one another. Truly, I was thrill that I have another curry option that is not Mamak.

The name connotes homely food. I was expecting nothing less. I yearned for something that originated from the home kitchen. Stuff I don't get often in run if the mill eateries. I was happy with what I got. Resam with good amount of tumeric and cummin. Spinach with dhal in a bowl and dip in gs I have not tasted before.

I was late at 2pm and missed out on their fried fish and fish and prawn curry. But I got a plate of mutton curry which is a must order ritual for me at banana leaf joints. In replacement of my fried fish I got my second choice of fried chicken. Its was tender yet well-cooked (not over-cooked)  and I am satisfied.

21, Jalan SG 3/1, Taman Sri Gombak, Batu Caves

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