Sin Hup Kee Restaurant (Home-Cooked Style) - Ipoh, Perak

Sin Hup Kee has built a huge following on mom's cooking, home-cooked style food. Huge following, loosely translated means tasty and reasonably priced food. Personally this shop's food is beyond good, it has a clean and comfy premise, brightly lit and air-conditioned. Anyway, who wants to (or can ) argue on "mom's cooking".

Go early or else all tables will be taken. I arrived at 6:0pm and quickly organised the food. While waiting the crowds were piling in.
Steamed Hung ChoeDry Pan Fried Spare RibsClaypot Tofu
Dried Pan Fried Chicken
Vege Platter
Sin Hup Kee Restaurant
17 Jalan Leong Sin Nam,
Ipoh, Perak
Tel: 052423128


J2Kfm said…
Personally, I like Sun Marpoh the MOST among all the dai chow restaurants in Ipoh.

Hey, call me up when you're in Ipoh next time ok? Maybe we can go for some grubs.
Ciki said…
yum2.. ! never been here - another place to jot down in buku 555, haha
Rebecca Saw said…
I like the look of the fish. and yea.."mother's" cooking alws the best ;)

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